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William E. Hull
PGA Professional
Louisville, KY
 PGA professional
 William Hull 
 Louisville, KY 

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William Hull
Personalized for all ages and abilities.  Options include individual/group/family lessons, clinics, on course instruction, golf teams, and tournament consulting.
Video analysis for all lessons using 
V1 Golf and SwingReader Golf software. 
Email recaps and Video / Pictures included. 
"There is no reason in the nature of things, why golf should not be begun as soon as one can walk, and continued as long as one can walk."

Winston Churchill
Teaching philosophy
Whether you are new to the game or an accomplished player, ball flight issues can be and most likely are caused by poor fundamentals.

The subconscious can be a powerful determinate of how you swing the golf club. Your brain sees the target, the ball flight and its outcome and you make adjustments whether you are consciously aware of it or not. These adjustments are often inefficient, inconsistent and rarely the correct swing fix. This leads to more adjustments, it's a never ending circle of bandaid patches and quick fix magazine articles that may only work temporarily but in the end the core issues have not been addressed and the swing faults are exposed along with the tangled mess of "adjustments". 

My goal is to get you into the proper set-up fundamental positions, teach you why your golf ball flies like it does and what core issues causes this. We will then decide what course of action is needed to get the desired ball flight. Sometimes it's simple but the hard part is the change. It take hard work to change a habit. We all can do it if we want and believe we can. You can have efficient, consistent, ball flight and Make a Difference in Your Golf Experience!
Hull Golf Instruction
Different Strokes Golf Center 
3742 River Rd
Louisville Ky