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William E. Hull
PGA Professional
Louisville, KY
Interesting Golf Facts:
Did you know it take about 15 seconds of concentration per golf shot. That means that if you score 100 you will spend about 25 minutes concentrating. It take an average of 270 minutes to play 18 holes of golf. Your concentration time is less than 10% of your total playing time.

Make a difference in your 10% and you will change your game!
  • Golf Ball travel significantly further on hot days.

  • The lowest round ever shot on a regulation golf course par 72 is 57

  • Only 20% of golfers have a handicap less than 18

  • The youngest golfer to make a hole in one was 3 years old

  • The longest golf hole in the world is 909 yards long par 7
  • The driver speed of an average women golfer is 62 MPH

  • 96 MPH for the average LPGA Tour Player.

  • The average male driver speed is 84 MPH

  • 108 MPH for a PGA Tour Player

  • 130 MPH for Tiger Woods 

  • 152 MPH for a National Long Drive Champion.

It take roughly 45 days to create or break a habit !  

"Practice doesn't make perfect
 perfect practice makes perfect"

"Vince Lombardi"